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Students' success is my goal. In deed, all participants should leave the Review Course feeling confident that they should be able to select the correct answers...Dr. Umez




Introducing new courses and RN/LVN Refresher courses!!!  Please call and schedule for these exciting new courses.  A group of 5 or more registering together for the course is required for the course to be taught. Any of the dates on the website listed for scheduled NCLEX Reviews can also be chosen for your group if you are interested in taking the new courses that are being offered.  You must call ahead to block those dates for other courses other than the scheduled NCLEX Review course dates.  Contact hours are not given for these courses.

  • TEAS/ Entrance HESI one day review - $150.00 (9a – 5p)
  • Do I really want to be a nurse?  (3 hour presentation) $50.00  (9a – 12p)  This three hour course will discuss the roles of a nurse and cover different types of nursing degrees, in addition, nursing curriculum and exams that are given in colleges/universities and an overview of the NCLEX PN and NCLEX RN exam will be reviewed.  This course is targeted to graduating high school students that are interested in the nursing field.
  • How to organize your time in nursing school – (3 hour presentation) $50.00  (9a – 12p)
  • Documentation tips for Nursing Practice - (3 hour presentation) $50.00  (9a – 12p)
  • Understanding the Nursing Process - 3 hour presentation) $50.00  (9a – 12p)
  • Nursing care of the patient in pain - 3 hour presentation) $50.00  (9a – 12p)
  • Refresher Courses – These courses are designed to focus on nursing care of common diseases in adult patients seen in the hospital setting.  These courses are targeted for nurses that have been out of school or work for a long period of time and would like to refresh their knowledge base and also for students that are enrolled in nursing school or students who are in their senior year of nursing school and are preparing to take the NCLEX PN or NCLEX RN exam.  These courses are not awarded contact hours, however, they are mainly designed to refresh your knowledge and to focus on important aspects of disease processes that are commonly tested on nursing exams as well as on NCLEX PN and NCLEX RN exam.  The participant can arrange to take 1 session at a time or take both sessions.  Each session is from 9a – 5p and covers common disease processes in adult patients.  The classes must have a group registration of 5 or more for it to be taught.  ($100.00 per session).


Session 1 - Covers common adult GI Diseases and Endocrine Diseases
Session 2 – Covers common adult Musculoskeletal Diseases and Respiratory Diseases

(Call and register your class or group for these exciting new courses!!)


NEW COURSE: Pharmacology for NCLEX - 2 Day Crash Course
Cost of course - $300.00 (8:30a - 5p - both days)

Pharmacology for NCLEX - 2 Day Crash Course - If you are having trouble learning your medications, particularly GENERIC forms of medications that will be on NCLEX, this is the course for you! The course will cover two days of classifications and categories of medications that are often given on NCLEX. The learner will be able to review and understand the most important information for medications that will be on NCLEX and will be able to remember and apply the information on the exam. This course will be fun and you will also be given NCLEX style questions for all the medications that will be taught in these two days.

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