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What is NCLEX?



  My Goal

Students' success is my goal. In deed, all participants should leave the Review Course feeling confident that they should be able to select the correct answers...Dr. Umez.




Title 40, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 807, Texas Proprietary School Rules

To provide guidance in stating the refund policy for the NCLEX review and HESI/Standardized courses.

It is the policy of this business to issue a refund based upon the following:

1) If a student completes at least 8 hours or one-half of the courses, whichever is less, and
2) Is dissatisfied with the course; and
3) Requests a refund in writing, providing a reasonable basis for their dissatisfaction,;
4) No later than the 14th day after the date the course is concluded

The owner of the school will review the request for the refund, the rationale for the refund, and make a determination on the refund request within 3 business days. The rationale for the decision will be documented in writing and provided to the student via US mail. If the student disagrees with the refund decision they may appeal it with Texas Workforce Commission via the complaint and grievance procedures.



Dr. Johnson-Umez NCLEX Review for RNs and LVNs meets the exemption criteria for Section 132.003 as outlined by Texas Workforce Commission