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My Goal

Students' success is my goal. In deed, all participants should leave the Review Course feeling confident that they should be able to select the correct answers...Dr. Umez.

  1. This is an excellent review, highly informative that every student should take. Irrespective of how great and wonderful my experience was, I was equally shocked to pay such a low amount to have it. Overall, with this review, I have a strong belief that my next NCLEX will be done with high confidence. U world did not help me much ---- Nnem Life , Houston, Texas--- 2 day NCLEX Review - June 10 and 11, 2019.
  2. Dr. Umez is an excellent instructor. She took time to explain what I needed to know about NCLEX exams. The test taking strategies, which was the hardest part of my studying for the exams, was well outlined and broken down by Dr. Umez for a clearer understanding. Her encouraging words, her exciting ways of teaching has really helped me to know that it is not the end. Keep on pushing!! --- Richmond, Texas - 2 day NCLEX, June 10 and 11, 2019.
  3. Dr. Johnson is a genius! I came into the review confused and anxious. She helped put me on guard towards success. I have not taken the exams yet, but quite sure I am on the right track to success. Once again, THANK YOU Dr. Johnson. Jibuin Nfordro, Houston, Texas, --- 2 Day NCLEX Review - July 27 and 28, 2018.
  4. This seminar was very informative. User friendly tools given. NCLEX was broken down into a test that can be achieved. I took Hurst and Kaplan online but these 2 reviews did not help me. Mary Posen, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2 Day NCLEX Review - May 4 and 5, 2018.
  5. I have learned so much. GREAT information in only two days. After taking the NCLEX exam several times, I have finally recognized my mistakes. After leaving the course review, I am determined to use all of the resources Dr. Umez has provided for me in order to PASS this exam! The last review I took was by ATI and it did not help me at all. --- Courtney Davis, Lake Charles, LA. 2 Day NCLEX Review - April 6 and 7 - 2018.
  6. Wish I had met Dr. Johnson-Umez first. I would had never went to any of those other reviews. She broke it down and simplified it for understanding. Excellent teaching style. Will refer everyone that needs this class to her. She is amazing and expects nothing but the best for her students. I took Kaplan and Hurst before finding Dr. Johnson-Umez ---- Spring, Texas - NCLEX Review dates -- Nov. 4th and 5th 2017.
  7. I am so glad I came and took her for my LVN review and I was very successful. I came back to take her again for the RN Review. I will recommend Dr. U. to people I know that are struggling with the NCLEX exam. Thanks for your time and being patient with us -- Ebirimn Edith, Houston, Texas -- NCLEX Review dates -- Nov. 4th and 5th 2017.
  8. Dr. Johnson-Umez is very unique and her strategies are what you need to do well on all of your test. I love her teaching style. I totally enjoyed the review. I will be passing her card to everyone I know. I truly enjoyed myself. I took her exit HESI review as well before coming back for the NCLEX Review. Other review companies that I took prior to this one that was not helpful was Hurst, Kaplan and ATI-- Kelli Roberts, Wharton, Texas -- NCLEX Review dates -- Nov. 4th and 5th 2017.
  9. This review was great! I learned so much in such a small amount of time. I took Hurst Review prior to coming to Dr. U. review and it did not help me. I will never forget about the review. I will certainly recommend that any student wanting to pass the NCLEX, take this review! I have nothing negative to say about my experience at all! Thanks Dr. U!! ---- Colby Ceasar, Sulfur, Louisiana, NCLEX Review dates -- Nov. 4th and 5th 2017.
  10. I am a foreign trained nurse and by me taking this course has definitely helped me to figure out my problem. Before taking this course, I took the Hurst Review that did not help me at all. I learned some test taking strategies that will go a long way to help me in the NCLEX and for that I am grateful for Dr. Umez. I will definitely recommend her to anyone coming from out of the USA. She is the best!!! --- Abena S. Osei, Houston, Texas, NCLEX Review dates -- Nov. 4th and 5th 2017.
  11. Brittney Parnell, Houston, Texas, April 2017 NCLEX Review -- Update after taking the NCLEX RN Review -- (Email sent to Dr. Johnson-Umez on Nov. 3, 2017) Hi Dr. U., I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I took your review course in April. I had all the snacks in my lunch kit. It was me and 2 other students that also attending the review with me (a African woman and a guy). I really can't remember their names. Well long story short, I took my NCLEX this past Monday, October 30th 2017 and I am happy to say I PASSED!!! I wanted to call you the morning of my exam like you told me but it was at 8am and I didn't want to wake you. I am so thankful for your review. The tips you gave worked like a charm. I mean you dropped some serious gems in the course that I carried with me and applied. I made my list exactly how you told me once I got into the testing center. I was nervous but confident throughout the test because hearing you tell me I had it and I would do okay boosted my confidence tremendously. I kept telling you I felt as though I wasn't retaining any information but once I followed your tips and applied everything you taught in the course, I started scoring better on my practice exams. My entire exam, all 265 questions, was prioritization and delegation, my weakest area prior to your course. I didn't have a single question outside that area. All I can say is you are amazing, your course was amazing and I tell any and everyone about you. I never went to a review course and didn't want it to end, that's how much I enjoyed the course. I can proudly say, I am officially Brittany R. Parnell BSN, RN and if fells amazing! Thank you Dr. U, you are a God send! I can go on and on but this email would be as long as 59. If you would like me to leave a review please tell me how or feel free to use this email as one whatever works for you. Thank you again.
  12. Dr. U. was amazing and she challenged me. I have never felt more confident and ready to sit for an exam until this course. Prior to taking this course, I took Hurst review that did not help me. I highly recommend Dr. U. for the NCLEX RN exam. The course is only two days and both days I found myself not wanting to leave. Dr. U. makes sure you understand and she simplifies things. I can't wait to take my boards!!! --- Brittney Parnell, Houston, Texas, April 2017 NCLEX Review
  13. I PASSED! I did exactly what you told me to do. I went straight in and wrote down all the tips you gave us; the ones I need to be reminded of frequently. I tried my best to relax and think everything through critically. AND IT WORKED! And, you were right about there being a high percentage of delegation and priority questions. Being prepared to see those helped a lot. By the way, I have been recommending you to everyone over Kaplan! Thank you so much, Dr. U! YOU'RE THE BEST!! ----Jackie Jones - Batson, Texas
  14. Before taking the course, I was very unsure of how to answer management questions, especially those related to delegation. How I feel like I have the tools and tips to critically think through and answer those questions successfully. Dr. Umez was very thorough in giving us tips and strategies to critically think through all content areas. --- Jackie Jones, Batson, Texas
  15. Dr. U. made it very interactive and I learned a lot. I feel much more prepared for studying and taking the NCLEX. ---- Hillary Rand - East Helena, Montana
  16. Your positive energy and reinforcement helped me build the confidence I need to pass boards. ----- Tara Barnes, Helena, Montana
  17. I'm so glad I took the RN review course with Dr. Umez. My fears and anxiety dropped greatly. I feel ready more than ever to take the boards and pass the first time. ----- Tina Wade, Helena, Montana
  18. Thanks for helping me with my confidence. This course has given me tools that work and will help me pass my RN NCLEX.--- Elaine Gilham, Helena, Montana
  19. This course helped me to realize my areas of weakness and what I have to focus on prior to taking the NCLEX. This course helped me to feel more confident and not double guess myself. ----- Nowell Hoff, Helena, Montana
  20. I love the book, the test taking study guide will be so helpful. This is practice I never would have done on my own. ----- Candace Wilbur, Helena, Montana
  21. Great class. Wish you had been our teacher! I was afraid the long class would be boring but it went so fast! Thank you! ----- Karen Pigman, Helena, Montana
  22. This was a great class. It helps to increase confidence in myself when it come to these NCLEX questions. Thanks! ----- Kelsey O'Leary, Helena, Montana
  23. I really enjoyed your class. One suggestion (may be) would be to have a 4 day class with shorter hours each day instead of 2 very long days. Thanks for coming to MT. I hope you enjoyed it. I feel passing the NCLEX is within reach and is a real possibility.----- Tammie Clawson, Helena, Montana
  24. Taking this 2 day NCLEX review has given me confidence into taking the exam. It has helped me to locate areas of weakness. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn.-----Amber Piilola, Helena, Montana
  25. Dr. Umez made the learning fun and entertaining. She helped me learn how to read the questions and answer them with confidence. I highly recommend this review to all RN grads.! ------Kim Rieser, Helena, Montana
  26. Because of the information provided in the 2 day NCLEX review, I feel prepared to go forward with and pass my NCLEX exam. I am so thankful to have this time to learn effective test taking techniques and most importantly be informed of what is to come. Thank you again.----Kathleen Dee, Houston, Texas
  27. I really enjoyed the 2 day session review as it helped me to be able to pick out what the question was asking and answer it appropriately. Also always remembering to apply priorities of Maslows. It was personal and I loved it very much, will recommend it to all RNs to be. ----Ruth Nginyi, Houston, Texas
  28. This course was very effective in enabling me to understand NCLEX test taking strategies and also how to apply them to what content areas. Most of all it was effective in identifying many areas of study which need major overhaul in order to pass the NCLEX. Lastly, it was fun to finally to some tests while not under distress. If the NCLEX are like the test that we did, I hope I have as much fun doing the NCLEX. Nice job! ---- Anthony President, Baytown, Texas
  29. This course was an absolute eye opener to various tips needed to be successful at any NCLEX exam. The environment, facility, and other resources were also helpful in enhancing education. I guess the only negative thing I could say is the long distance driving in from Houston, but apart from that, I's advice anyone not to miss this class. ---- Kenneth Utah, Houston, Texas
  30. Dr. U. your whole review course is a great breakdown in helping me understand what to expect on the NCLEX exam. Thank you. ----Tammy Morrow, Baytown, Texas
  31. I feel so much more confident to take the exam after this review! Solia Solis, Baytown, Texas
  32. The course was a great review but relaxing also. Dr. Umez gave great study questions plus extra information to review. I feel better prepared for the NCLEX at the end of my 2 day course. Thanks Dr. U. ---Sherry Stephenson, Dayton, Texas
  33. I appreciated mostly the test taking tips that were made available. It made me more aware of the stems to look out for when answering test questions. I also felt more comfortable in my attempts to answer test questions. Great review, Dr. U!!! ------Yvette Barnes, Baytown, Texas
  34. I believe this is the best thing that has happen to me by attending this review class because it really help me to know how to answer questions, think critically and more how to eliminate bad answers. Thank you so much Dr. U for the idea of this class. -----Nsemboowo Enyong, Houston, Texas
  35. This course has lowered my anxiety level tremendously. I learned not only strategies of test taking but very very helpful tips on how to choose which answer. I truly have faith in myself this time Dr. U. Thank you so much for allowing me to join you in this review class. --- Julie Short, Houston, Texas
  36. I loved this class! I think I now know where I stand and feel a lot better about going into the exam. I did not like that we got the new exam, but she showed me how to look at it and how to think like the person who wrote it. This as very helpful. Thanks!!----Kimberly Schweinle, Anahuac, Texas
  37. The wide variety of questions given really allowed me to dig deep into my knowledge bank. I really enjoyed the challenge and as a result was able to determine where I need to focus my attention. Thank you. ---Krista Schnell, La Porte, Texas
  38. I feel that I was led in the right direction that now everything is about memorization which was something that worried me. This class was about approaching the question from the right prespective and being able to choose an answere even when you don't know the answere. ----Marisol Aranda, Baytown, Texas
  39. I feel that overall this class will help me pass NCLEX. Thanks Dr. U. ----Cedric Thomas, Humble, Texas
  40. Very nice place. Dr. U. has great material that hopefully will make taking boards much easier. The teaching test taking strategies are great! I plan to use them in acquiring my RN success. --- Cami Smith, Channelview, Texas
  41. Dr. Umez Review was definitely more than what I expected to gain. Her wealth of knowledge and extraordinary personality are a perfect combination. I am very glad I attended her review. My confidence has definitely boosted up. I bet five dollars on it!!! ----Nancy Tinajero, Baytown, Texas
  42. I was amazed at how I was able to answer questions correctly by using the test taking tips Dr. Umez provided. When I wasn't sure of the answer I thought about what she told us in class and it totally made sense. The class is great and so worth the time and money! --- Janet Arreguin, Houston, Texas
  43. The course was well done. I was an “eye opener” for me and allowed me to see that I did not know all that I thought I did. The test taking strategies are also a great help to me to know how to answer the questions. ---Brain Modzelewski, Baytown, Texas
  44. I enjoyed this course because I feel more secure as to what I have been studying and this helped me know what I still need work on and should focus on . Dr. Umez is a dynamic instructor. ---Gilda Arredondo, Baytown, Texas
  45. I will recommend RN and LVN to take the NCLEX Review with Dr. Umez. ---Tammy Hammond, Baytown, Texas
  46. Great opportunity to apply important tips about the NCLEX. While answering the practice questions, I saw and applied all the tips and I already see a good percentage of answers to be picked correctly by simply applying these tips. However, the stress to also have knowledge on the materials before the exam will inevitably produce an excellent result. The environment was perfect. Above all Dr. Umez is as gift to students!!!!!-----Unyime Ekanem, Houston, Texas
  47. I thought this class was excellent. Dr. U. you are an amazing woman. It was a pleasure meeting you and I thank God for putting you in my path..... Mayela Pope, McAllen, Texas
  48. Hi Dr. U, I just wanted to let you know that my wife, Jennifer Gouldburn, took one of your NCLEX review classes a couple of months ago in Baytown and this past Tuesday she took and passed her test in Baton Rouge, LA. The first time she took it she got all (265) questions, this time she was cut off at about 125 questions. As you can imagine we are both absolutely thrilled, and she credits her success on the fact that she attended your review, coupled with a lot of hard work studying. As Jennifer and I have talked about many times, pretty much all the students that graduate nursing school has the knowledge needed to pass NCLEX, but what some of them are lacking are the techniques needed to pass the NCLEX. We believe that's what she learned from you. Again, that you very much! Mick Gouldburn, Lake Charles, LA, May 3, 2013
  49. I wish I would have taken this review prior to taking NCLEX the first time. I understand what I need to work on and I have a real plan. Thank you! (Houston, Texas, June, 2013)
  50. Very informative! I am very confident that I will be successful on the NCLEX. Dr. U. made it fun and memorable. I will highly recommend her to anyone I know who are going into or currently are in the nursing field. Thank you! You are a God Send!! (Baytown, Texas, June, 2013)
  51. Dr. Umez provided excellent information to help me become more confident with test taking strategies. She was very helpful and kept my attention with all of her enthusiasm and desire to see her students succeed. I loved the class and would like to take another one before my exam. ----Sept. 27, 2013 - Deer Park, Texas.
  52. Before this course, I had difficulty with second guessing, not trusting myself and not being able to simplify nursing material. I now feel that I have a better in-depth knowledge about expectations, critical thinking, and rationalization. I'm delighted, ecstatic and overjoyed that I took this prep course. Dr. Umez is truly a God-given treasure. Sept. 27, 2013 - Katy, Texas.
  53. Dr. U., your course is very helpful. It taught me some tips and strategies I was not aware of. Your class and yourself is awesome. I plan to come back and keep in touch with you. I pray that your business be everything you want it to be. Thank you so much. I want to leave you with Jeremiah 29:11, that is the scripture that I tell myself every day. November 8, 2013 - Minden, LA.
  54. Dr. U. uses a personal approach in teaching which I like. She goes straight to the point and I am really impressed with test taking strategies taught, which has given me the confidence I need to study and prepare for my NCLEX exam, I like the small class setting. I believe it helps with better understanding rather than a big class. November 8, 2013 - Baytown, Texas.
  55. Dr. U., you have increased my confidence going forward. I really appreciate you being "real" with us. I did not think this course would have been as great as it was without your teaching style. Thank you for helping me learn how to take NCLEX. This is just what I needed. November 8, 2013. Houston, Texas.
  56. I took the NCLEX once already and failed. I believe this is just what I needed. I am glad you offer a course that focuses on test taking strategies, not just content. I love the small company setting in which I received close one on one attention and was able to converse with others in my situation. Also loved the positive and spiritual attitude/environment offered by Dr. U. November 8, 2013 ---League City, Texas
  57. Dr. Umez is great. She made me really think and stop being afraid of following my first mind. I love the test taking skills that she taught our class. Dr. Umez made me feel more comfortable about NCLEX. I wish she could have been my teacher during school. I've learned so much from her in 2 days. Thank you Dr. Umez for your time and knowledge. Houston, Texas - November 8, 2013. LVN NCLEX Review session.
  58. This EXIT HESI review was very informative. Dr. Umezulike has a wealth of knowledge and is capable of impacting the knowledge to students. The review was very helpful and I hope the strategies will help me pass the exit and NCLEX exam. May 11, 2014 - Richmond, Texas
  59. I found this EXIT HESI review class to be extremely helpful in test taking strategies. I can honestly say now that I feel Hurst Review was a waste of time. I feel way more prepared than prior to the class. I also appreciate the extra hour spent in practicing questions. It shows you really care about our success. Thank you!! May 11, 2014 - Highlands, Texas
  60. The best class EXIT HESI Review. Should have taken it before at least a week or more. Learned how to eliminate the answers, what to focus on test. This was the best review with question practice test which was great. Her knowledge help how to answer and reduce anxiety. May 11, 2014 - Houston, Texas
  61. Dr. Umez challenged Participants in the EXIT HESI Review and kept us interested all day! May 11, 2014 - Dayton, Texas
  62. I feel so much more confident after taking the one day EXIT HESI Review. I would highly recommend this course to any nursing student. May 11, 2014 - Baytown, Texas
  63. Regardless of my outcome, I want to thank you very much for your vast amount of knowledge. I'm so thankful although this was a structured review, you did more of a free style that was more tailor made for our group. Thank you very much for providing this amazing course. My only wish that it be two days and a possible short handout of simple facts. Your "tough love" is very effective. (one day HESI Review) May 11, 2014 - Baytown, Texas
  64. This was an eye opener. Learned many test taking strategies. The day was filled with laughter after a stressful week. I would encourage this course to be offered during the semester and it would help and benefit students in the nursing program. (EXIT HESI Review) April 12, 2014 ----Katy, Texas
  65. This course helped me not to worry so much with pharmacology. I like the small environment and it is personable too. I also like the test taking strategies. I will be back before the NCLEX and refer this program. (2 Day NCLEX Review) May 22 & 23, 2014 ----Richmond, Texas
  66. Liked how the information was straight to the point. Not too much information given. Loved the distractor words and the key words, just all the techniques I loved. Would love to keep attending this review to get better at testing.(2 Day NCLEX Review) May 22 & 23, 2014 ----Bay City, Texas
  67. This was a very good review; because it is strictly a face-to-face and very personable and informative than what I had previously with HURST Review. . (2 Day NCLEX Review) May 22 & 23, 2014 ----Southwest Houston, Texas
  68. Dr. U., it has been a pleasure to have you as an instructor. You have a talent and you know how to use it. The class was excellent, more helpful than my other reviews with was with Kaplan, Pearson, and Hurst Review. The class was clear and easy to follow, great snacks!!.Dr. U. makes you feel comfortable in the course and gives you the opportunity to speak at any given time. NCLEX Review - July 25th and 26th , 2014 - Houston, Texas.
  69. A great help. I would love to be in the review more than 2 days. There was a lot of helpful information given in 2 days. Dr. Umez has the expertise to get students to the next level and beyond. I will recommend this course review to others. -PN NCLEX Review on Sept. 5th and 6th, 2014 -Cypress, Texas.
  70. Information provided was geared towards our weakness points which were needed. Test strategies and tips were very helpful. Key points on what to look for in the answer made answering the questions easier. PN NCLEX Review on Sept. 5th and 6th, 2014 -Houston, Texas.
  71. Thank you for what you do!! Also for loving what you do enough to teach me new things. You're Awesome!! PN NCLEX Review on Sept. 5th and 6th, 2014 -Houston, Texas.
  72. I had a great time. I could see that Dr. U. loves what she does. I learned so much. She was to the point but very understandable. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs help. RN NCLEX Review on Sept. 26th and 27th, 2014 -Texas City, Texas.
  73. I am so grateful that I chose to take Dr. Umez review course because I have learned a lot in the 2 days and I feel that I am ready to go to boards soon. I will recommend anyone to the review course before they take the boards. RN NCLEX Review on Sept. 26th and 27th, 2014 -Houston, Texas.
  74. Great Review!! Helped with my second guessing and choosing correct answer. The book you have made covers everything needed to succeed. Thank you so much!! (Took Kaplan prior to your review) PN NCLEX Review on Sept. 26th and 27th, 2014 -Webster, Texas.
  75. Dr. Johnson-Umez was very effective in her delivery method of the information. This course was very helpful and made me feel more CONFIDENT and better about myself! I truly enjoyed this class! ---October 11, 2014 - EXIT HESI Review ----Houston, Texas (Prairie View Student)
  76. It was helpful. Loved that it was a small group. Wish that you were able to come to our school besides the school using HURST Review. October 11th - EXIT HESI Review ----Houston, Texas (Prairie View Student)
  77. I truly enjoyed this session. I wish I had taken the class before my first HESI. Thank you Dr. Johnson-Umez. My confident is now on level 10. Thank you !!-- November 9, 2014-- EXIT HESI Review ----Houston, Texas (Prairie View Student)
  78. Great personality and attitude! Dr. Johnson is very encouraging! November 9, 2014 - EXIT HESI Review ----League City, Texas (Prairie View Student)
  79. I felt that this class was very helpful and I am really glad that I came. This class increased my confidence and helped me realize what I need to work on. November 9, 2014 - EXIT HESI Review ----Houston, Texas (Prairie View Student)
  80. Dr. Umez, I would like to take this time to tell you thank you for going beyond your call of duty to help prepare me for the RN NCLEX exam. Words cannot express my gratitude. I have done everything you have advised me, from the book to buy, to the mint to use the day of the exam. You are a woman of faith and I believe that your words helped me along the path. May God continue to be with you and your family along life's journey. Yours respectfully, Jeanine Badal --- April 17th and 18th, 2015, 2 day NCLEX Review.
  81. Words, there are none! I'm so thankful my friend told me about her. I had given up. I learned more in these 2 days I was with her than any other "helps" out there for NCLEX. I know I will pass this "game" this time. Thanks Dr. U.!! I think I understand the NCLEX language now and I have a sense of peace. Too bad I didn't know you 3 years ago when I graduated from RN school. Thanks again, Amanda (Sourlake, Texas) 2 Day NCLEX Review - May 29 -30, 2015.
  82. I found this review to be very helpful and personal which in turn helped me to develop a structured and organized study plan that best fits the areas I need to focus on. The Kaplan review was very broad and unorganized and gave study tips that were very standard and generalized rather than personal. --- Houston, Texas - July 24-25, 2015 - 2 Day NCLEX Review.
  83. Dr. U. helped me understand Pharmacology and she broke it down straight to the point and simple as possible. She makes you critical think and gets you fully prepared for NCLEX. Thanks, Dr. U.! --- Houston, Texas - 2 Day PN NCLEX Review- August 27-28, 2015.
  84. I was very impressed on how the class applied test taking skills and provided strategies helpful for exit HESI. I appreciate the instructor's enthusiasm and determination to eliminate bad habits and promote critical thinking. Houston, Texas - Prairie View Nursing Student - Exit HESI Review October 10, 2015.
  85. Dr. Johnson is able to see everyone’s problems. Deals with them during the review. She explains why the answers are right or wrong and explains some topic contents very deeply. She stops and make sure everyone is on the same page before going to the next material. Thank you Dr. Johnson. I took Kaplan and Hurst Review before your review and it did not help me at all. I am glad I saw your review. --- Edith Amba, Anna Texas – May 27 and 28, 2016 -- 2 Day NCLEX RN Review
  86. This is the best choice I took coming to this review after wasting money taking Kaplan Review. I wish the review could have last more days. This was a wonderful and rewarding class. I was offered the opportunity to sit in the review one more time to hear it again before I take my test and certainly I will come back. --- Hermelinda DeJesus, Houston, Texas -- May 27 and 28, 2016 -- 2 Day NCLEX RN Review.
  87. I was able to learn test taking strategies. Learning to read questions in a different manner. Dr. U kept me awake and very entertaining. Better that Kaplan that I took. Certainly the best teacher I have had since I started nursing school. Will recommend every nursing student to attend her class. I’m so mad at Kaplan right now!!! - Shymeka Hopkins , Spring, TX – August 5 – 6, 2016 – 2 Day NCLEX RN Review.
  88. This has been the most helpful review I’ve had since I was enrolled in Lamar’s ADN nursing program. Thank you for your help and understanding. Other review that I took was Kaplan and it did not help me. – Rhonda LeBlanc-Jjembe, Katy, Texas – October 7-8, 2016 - 2 day NCLEX RN Review.
  89. On the first day of the review I came in very discouraged and definitely had no confidence. And now I am leaving with much more confidence and I know what I have to work on now. Thank you. I took Hurst review before Dr. Johnson Review and it did not help me. (UPDATE) I took my test after trying other review companies and after I took Dr. Johnson Review I finally passed the first time after taking the review. Thanks so much! --- Gricelda Marquez, Baytown, Texas – October 7 -8, 2016 – 2 day NCLEX PN Review.
  90. Dr. Umez really is an amazing educator. She truly takes the time to be sure you understand the content. She truly allowed me to look at the content differently. I am grateful! I took Kaplan Review twice and it did not help me. I am so glad I found this review – Stephanie – Houston, Texas – October 7-8, 2016 – 2 day NCLEX PN Review.
  91. Very energetic and relatable. It’s very refreshing to be around a teacher that’s still passionate about nursing. – San Jacinto Pasedena RN senior nursing student, Houston, Texas – Exit RN Review Course – November 4, 2016
  92. I truly wish I could carry you in my pocket. You were a really good encourager and kept me engaged and positive the whole time. Awesome teacher!! Felt like I could relate to the professor and was comfortable expressing question San Jacinto Pasedena RN senior nursing student, Houston, Texas – Exit RN Review Course – November 4, 2016
  93. I felt like this was a great course. The strategies were very helpful in choosing the correct answers. When Dr. Johnson-Umez emphasized the words when reading the questions, that helped me point out key words to focus on. The colored cards were also helpful. I will definitely recommend this course to someone who needs a refresher for the NCLEX Review and for people who have not passed before. Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking out the time to teach students who are needing assistance in these exams. I took online Hurst review before your review and it did not help me. After taking Hurst, I took the exam 3 times and did not pass. Dr. Johnson, I passed!!! I knew I would after this course. Thank you so much!! --- Doris Le, Cypress, Texas – November 18 and 19, 2016 – 2 Day NCLEX RN Review.


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